Used as a waterproofing material or a binder/joint sealer for cement blocks.

This is similarly used as an initial or primary layer but for use mainly when doing overlaying on dirt/graded roads.

  • This is used as a primary layer or top coating prior to doing asphalt overlaying on existing cement roads.
  • Regarding the difference in application for the 2, SS-1 is used for drier surfaces, while the cationic CSS-1 is used during wet weather or wet surfaces.

This is exactly the same as 60/70 but since it is a bit softer, it will take longer to dry. This is used in cooler areas. Usually Northern clients like Baguio, La Union tend to order this.

Commonly used by batching plants as an intermediate product that will be use together with the gravel or clinkers to form the hot mix asphalt. This is what you see that is being dumped on roads during asphalting projects.