Quenching Oil
  • Recommended for use with low-carbon steels because of its rapid cooling characteristics and because of its good oxidation stability. Particularly suitable for use in applications that are too thermally demanding for other cold-quench oil, especially when oil-bath temperature (50-80˚C) shorten the service life of those fluids to acceptable levels.
  • Can also be used in hot quench application in which quench-oil temperature up to 160˚C are used to eliminate distortion of components.
Heat Transfer Fluids

Used for hot oil boilers for service involving a maximum film temperature up to 360˚C.It has relatively low viscosity with good temperature-viscosity characteristics which ensure high heat transfer coefficients and consistent properties over a wide temperature range. It is high resistant to oxidation and thermal decomposition.

White Needle Oil – Scourable
  • Non-staining and scourable. Easily washed with water and soap
  • Resists oxidation, gumming and slugging
  • Minimizes friction, wear and oil fog
  • Inhibited against shock, pressure load and compression
Spindle Oil – Washable

Recommended or use in high-speed spindle where the severity of the service requires inhibited oil. It can also be used as a lubricant and coolant in sawmill operation.

Premium Naphthenic Transformers (70KV)
  • Specially formulated for use in oil-filled equipment including power and distribution transformers, rectifiers. Circuit breakers and switchgears.
  • Natural low viscosity and inherent high heat capacity delivers efficient heat absorption and dissipation, keeping cores and windings cool.
Naphthenic Transformers Fluid (50KV)

Highly refined and uninhibited naphthenic mineral oil with natural low pour point characteristics, excellent oxidation and thermal stability. It is non-corrosive and compatible with the materials use in transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical equipment. Its high dielectric strength meets the quality requirement of major transformer manufacturers.

EDM Fluid

Formulated for electro discharge machines that work by penetration, erosion, roughing, finishing and super finishing work.

Soluble Cutting Fluid

A water-soluble metal working fluid that forms a very stable emulsion when mixed with water at a wide range of dilutions. Stability of this emulsion is not affected by hard water ions and the fact that it does not foam makes it ideal for high-speed metal working operations.

Straight Cutting Fluid

An EP oil of medium viscosity, suitable for use with non-ferrous metals and alloys, free cutting steels. They are recommended for all conventional marching operations such as light gear cutting, general turning, and drilling operations. Particularly suitable for automatic lathes where high volume production techniques are used.

Synthetic Compressor Oil

It assures valve cleanliness in reciprocating compressors due to improved oxidation stability of the synthetic fluid and less sludge and deposits build-up as experienced with petroleum based products. It can be used for general purpose oiling, light duty gear reduction units, hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps, high temperature fan bearings, chains and trolley conveyors.

Piston Air Compressor Oil

Recommended for the lubrication of reciprocating type air compressors. They are particularly suitable for compressors with air delivery temperatures up to 220˚C where oil of inferior quality would quickly deteriorate and leave carbonaceous deposits within the compressor discharge system. These grades can also be used for drip-feed vane type compressors that require oil with good oxidation stability and incorporating rust inhibitors. In addition, they can be used in circulatory lubrication systems of plain and roller bearings that operate at high-temperature-as in paper making machinery.

Screw Air Compressor Oil

Specifically developed for oil flooded rotary sliding vane and screw type air compressors, whether oil-flooded or oil-injected, male or female drive, single or two-stage configurations. They are premium quality products, highly recommended for both static and mobile plant with working temperature of up to 120˚C


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