Ashless Turbine Fluids
  • Primarily designed as circulating lubricant for steam and hydro turbines. It is also applicable for air compressors and vacuum pumps. It is also suitable for continuous service in plain & roller bearings.
  • Reduced cavitation, noise & erratic operations on pumps
  • Easy startup and improved protection and higher temperatures
Regular Turbine Fluids
  • High performance circulating lubricants primarily designed for steam and hydro turbines. It is also applicable for air compressors and vacuum pumps. It is also suitable for continuous service in plain & roller bearings.
  • Efficient operation of turbines
  • Longer equipment life
Straight Mineral Gear Oils

Range of light-performance, mono-grade automotive transmission oil formulated using high quality, paraffinic-base oil. It can be applied in older design of manual transmissions operating under such mild conditions of low unit pressures and minimum sliding velocities, wherein an untreated oil may be used satisfactorily.

Non-EP Compounded Gear oil

Used to worm gears operating at moderate to high speeds and temperatures. They are also intended for use in plain and anti-friction bearings made of yellow oxidation & thermal degradation; improve rust and corrosion inhibitors to provide added protection to metal and non-metal parts; and special adhesive additive for improved retention to surface even at high temperatures.

EP Gear oil

Used for the lubrication of enclosed high-performance industrial gear drives including worm gears where a full EP performance is applicable. They are suitable for both circulating and splash lubricated systems, and may also be used in oil mist applications. These oil, however: are not intended for automotive hypoid gears.

Fire resistant hydraulic fluid

It is an extra high performance water-glycol type fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. It is blended with diethylene fluid (DEG) as the main component for hydraulic fluids; and does not contain ethylene glycol (MEG) which is intended for antifreeze & coolant products. It is not compatible with typical type paints. Epoxy and phenolic resin based paints are suitable. It should not be mixed with r types of fluids, while it is compatible with other water-glycol type products and admixtures.

AW / HVI Fluid

Premium quality anti-wear hydraulic fluids designed for service in mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic system, as well as certain severe and sensitive application such as in high pressure vane pumps, coaxial pumps, and hydrostatic transmission. Also suitable for pneumatic system lubrication and can be used as high quality circulating oil.

AW Fluid

Primarily for use in hydraulic equipment, but is also suitable for other duties in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and lubrication performance are required.

R&O fluid

Contains additives that protect equipment against rusting and oxidation (R&O) for long service life. These ranges of oil can be applied in enclosed bath, splash, circulating systems, non-anti-wear hydraulic systems, slides and machine tools, low to normally loaded gear reducers, and plain and roller bearings.

Wood Fire Retardant

Reduces surface burning characteristics, such as flame spread, rate of fuel contribution and smoke contribution.

Weed Killer

Water soluble non-selective weed killer applied as a folior spray. It provides total control of perennial and annual weeds. The compound is absorbed by the leaf and into the roots. A single application of this product is sufficient for total control. Expect for the weeds, it is deactivated upon contact with soil. It will not therefore control weeds that grow after application.

Wax Stripper

It is a wax remover and floor cleaner. It also helps eliminate difficult scrapping by deep penetration of wax on the floor surfaces.


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