Germicidal Dishwashing Compound

IT washes away grease, oil wax, food residue, dirt and sludge from your kitchen wares as if disinfects for a clean and germ-free brightness. It may also be used to clean all washable surfaces of the laboratory. Kitchen and may also be used to clean and disinfect comfort rooms.

Garbage Sanitizer

Highly concentrated hygienic freshener which makes the air pleasant and refreshing scent to breathe-in. It counteracts and destroy many disagreeable odors such as garbage, smoke must and others. It is used also in septic tank and canals with unpleasant odors.

Furniture Polish

It cleans, protects and shines in one easy application. It loosens and lifts off dust and grime for easy wipe off with a dry clean cloth. IT also covers minor scratches, blotches and stains. It restores and accentuates the original rich even finish and wood grain of your furniture. Leaves a refreshingly clean and tangy smell with its lemon scent. It is recommended for furniture, fixtures, paneling, etc. with washable surfaces as a regular cleaning and maintenance product. It can also be used as protection against moisture resulting to rusting or wood decay.

Fogging Insecticide

It is an all-purpose fogging insecticide for flying and crawling insects. It is harmless to warm clouded animals and plants but has a fast knockdown and yields a high kill rate against a broad spectrum of insects.

Floor Tile & Bowl Cleaner

It assist in cleaning floor tiles and bowls.

Dishwashing Detergent

It is also known as dishwashing liquid. It is used for cleaning dishes and stain removal.

Carpet Shampoo Concentrate

Highly concentrated, dilutable chemical cleaner for fast, economical cleaning of rugs, carpets, upholsteries and woolens. It is a combination of highly effective emulsifiers, detergents and wetting agents in a safe concentrated form.

Biodegradable All Purpose Cleaner

Highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner that contains fast acting detergents, penetrating agents and soil suspending ingredients. It quickly loosens and dissolves hard-to-remove dirt from any washable surface. It is recommended for regular maintenance of any kind of flooring or any painted or lacquered surfaces. It is applicable to clean tiles, linoleums, rubber, marble and all other washable surfaces.

Air Freshener and Deodorizer

It is hygienic air freshener which makes the surrounding air a pleasant and refreshing scent to breathe-in. It has a sanitizing property that cleans and purifies the air, it also counter-acts and fumes, perspiration odors and stale air. It is used most effectively by spraying in rooms, halls, theaters, toilets, restaurants and all enclosed areas where unpleasant odors develop. It gives excellent results when used in cold air returns of heating, air conditioning systems and when applied to permanent type filters.

Tapping Compound

It is highly tenacious mineral based oil, with high flash point rating of 410°F and fire point indication of 445 °F developed for machining tough ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, mild steel and cast iron. It is applicable for severe machining situated such as tapping, honing, boring, breaching, routering; includes groove-forming, knurling, drilling, turning, thread cutting and grinding. On special selected cases, the product can be utilized in varies processes such as deep-drawing and forming.

Solvent Wax

Removes residues of stain proofing products from porcelain stoneware, marble or granite floors.

Synthetic Cutting Coolant

It is used in metal machining to improve tool life, reduce work piece thermal deformation, improving surface finish and flush away chips from the cutting zone.


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