Stainless Cleaner

It is specially formulated compound for cleaning and buffing stainless teel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys. It contains highly refined mineral oil, solvents and fine abrasives in an emulsified state. It is used for cleaning and buffing stained, rusted or oxidized surfaces of stainless steel, brass, aluminum, sopper and other related metals.

S/S Motor Cleaner Degreaser (Fast Dry)

It is fast-drying high-efficiency solvent degreaser with high energy cleaning, de-carbonizing and de-gumming action. It contains specially selected compounds which rapidly dissolve varnish, carbon, gum and grease with absolutely no agitation required. It has no flash point and can be used in areas where fire hazards resulting from the use of petroleum products are to be avoided. It is ideal for cleaning precision instruments such as electronic and electrical equipment. It can be used in electrical motors, aviation engines, electronic instruments, fire alarms, controls panels. TV and radio mechanisms, communication equipment, automotive parts, electrical switches and releases and business machines.

S/S Motor Cleaner Degreaser (Slow Dry)

It is a non-flammable, non-conductive and non-corrosive. It effectively dissolves grease, oil, ink, tar, light carbon and other solvent-soluble soils from equipment and machineries. It is ideal for cleaning generators, electric motors, electronic equipment, aircraft parts, pumps and printed circuits, business machines, communication equipment, tools and dies, and automotive parts. It possesses a high dielectric strength which allows usage even during operation. It removes power-robbing grease, dirt and other soils from electric equipment thereby preventing dangerous and costly flashover.

Rust Converter

It is a superior fast acting concentrate that changes rust deposits into impenetrable phosphate layer with excellent adhesion to metal surfaces. It has a special penetrating agent that increases its ability to dissolve rust and prevents further build-up. It may be used as an excellent primer for regular decorative finishes, leaving a tough gray metallic coating. The phosphate coating produced by the product serves to prepare the metals for uniform and stable application of finishes.

Rust Remover

It is used for removing rust from ferrous metals. It is also used to remove rust and scale from water meters, water heaters, heat exchangers, refrigerating tanks, water jackets of gasoline and diesel engines. It may be used for removing wet corrosion from ferrous tools, parts, etc. It may also be used for removing dried concrete and cement dust from ready-mix trucks.

Rust Preventive Oil

It is formulated metal preservative coating made from prime paraffinic base stocks fortified with special anti-corrosion additives and cohesive binders to prevent dry spots caused by bleeding and migration on treated metals. It is recommended to manufacturers, distributors and end-user of machined parts and equipment as a protective coating against corrosion during shipments and storage of the products.

Rubber Burns Remover

It is recommended as remover of rubber burns and carbon deposits from molds, motors, engines, equipment, machineries and other metal surfaces. It can also be used to remove rubber residues from airport runways.

Resin Remover

It removes resin build-up without needing to remove the mold.

Radiator Anti-rust Treatment

It contains corrosion that makes it an ideal treatment for automotive cooling system. It is also recommended for stationary water cooling system.

Radiator Flush & Cleaner

It is blended as a hot soak vat cleaner for any type of radiators. It removes anti-freeze residue which is the common problem in radiator cleaning. It is removes grease, oil and normal dirt from radiator cores.

PH Neutralizers

It prevents the water from reacting with the house plumbing or contributing to electrolytic corrosion.

Paint Remover

It is recommended for the removal of coatings from metals, wood, plaster, concrete, glass, porcelain and other hard surfaces. Do not use on linoleum, plastic or rubber, since it has a solvent action on these materials.


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