Oil Dispersant

It is used in cleaning up heavy oil and oil spills from floors, dock areas, harbors, decks, slips, bilges and sumps. It is also safe on paints, fiberglass, zinc, and aluminum and admiralty metals. It is low in toxicity and will not harm normal skin and marine life.

Oil Degreaser

It dissolves grease and oil on most everything.

Odor Neutralizer

Highly concentrated hygienic freshener which makes the air pleasant and refreshing scent to breathe in. It counter-acts and destroys many disagreeable odors such as garbage, smoke mist and others. It is also used in septic tanks and canals with unpleasant odors.

Odorless Decarbonizer

It is used for high speed removal of carbon, varnish, fuel, sludge and hand baked deposits formed under high temperatures on engines and motor parts, intake and exhaust valves, burner tips. Fuel oil heaters, cylinders, armatures, carburetors, pistons and etc. It is also used to remove paints and burned insulating varnish of electrical windings of electrical windings and uncured dry rubber from metal surfaces.

Metal Degreaser

It removes rust, dirt, oil and grease from most metal surfaces. It also removes oxidation without leaving any residue or buildup that would prevent finish adhesion.

Industrial Surface Renovator

Highly effective industrial surface emulsifier that loses the molecular binding force of dirt, sludge and grime and oil built-up without damaging the hard surfaces. 

High Temperature Aluminum Paint

It is a rust-resistable, siliconized aluminum paint that withstands temperature extreme up to 1400°F. It is highly recommended for use in industrial complexes, roofs, smokes stacks, pipes, heat exchangers, boilers, ovens, steam liners, water tanks and other equipment that are exposed to high temperature extremes.

Heavy Duty Water Soluble Degreaser

It is alkaline water soluble degreaser and highly concentrated, dilutable chemical cleaner. It is effective in removing all types of dirt such as grease, oil, ink, carbon and others. It is formulated to meet the exact demands of industrial, institutional and household needs.

Hand Crème, Waterless soap

It is a heavy-duty cleaner and conditioner that remove grease, grime far and other stains from the hands. It eliminates the use of water in cleaning hand especially in remote areas where water is a problem. It can also be used to remove dirt & stains from typewriter, computer, shoes, bags, office equipment, household appliances, metals, furniture’s and electrical devices.

Gun Solvent Cleaner

It is a special scientifically formulated mixture of highly active petroleum distillates effective for removing lead, powder residue and metal fouling of firearms. It is also a superior cleaning tool for sportsmen, military and law enforcement officers.

Gum Remover

It removes gum on hard surfaces such as tables, chairs and floors.

Gasoline Fuel Power Booster

It is designed for spark-ignition engine fuels. It improves engine performance and prolongs engine service life with regular use. It contains ashless detergents, dispersants, emulsifiers and combustion catalyst that controls and reduces pollution from carbon monoxide formulation. It is recommended as an all-around supplement and power booster for gasoline fuels.


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