Flux Remover

It remove flux residue and other contaminants left by manufacture, rework, or repair of printed circuit boards.

Engine Flush and Cleaner

IT prevents the immediate deterioration of new oil by cleaning out all the damaging components of the old oil. Due to the current trend to economize through longer oil drain intervals, there is an unprecedented in buildup of sludge, gums and varnishes inside the engine. These deposits should be cleaned out thoroughly before installation of new oil.

Emulsifiable Solvent Degreaser

It is highly efficient, ready to use degreaser for engine components, parts during manufacturing, out of service electric motors, cars, trucks, tools, machineries, molds and dies, marine equipment and other mechanical assemblies. It also has a higher flash point than kerosene, gasoline and diesel. It will not damage paint and rubber when used as directed.

Diesel Fuel Power Booster

Chemical fuel additive especially blended from ashless detergents, dispersants, emulsifiers and combustion catalysts to improve diesel engine fuels. It is especially designed as an additive and booster for all types of diesel fuels.

Corrosion Preventive Compound

Recommended to protect all types of metal surfaces including body-work or structural steel, tools, dies, raps, machine parts, castings, gears, forging, cranes, storage tanks, ships, buildings, pipe works, road and farm equipment when out of service and exposed to atmospheric conditions.

Copper Cleaner & Brightener

Formulation for removing tarnish, carbonaceous deposits and other oxides from all metallic surfaces made of copper, bronze or brass. It is contains detergent package that effectively removes ordinary light oil and other soils leaving a clean and bright surface.

Cooling Water Treatment

Recommended for use as a scale and rust inhibiting compound for cooling towers, cooling ponds, cooling ponds, cooling basins and other cooling water systems.

Concrete Set Accelerator

Used at recommended dosages will reduce the initial setting of concrete by 40% to 60% and the final setting time proportionally. It should not be used where pre-stressed steel, highly alumina cement or sulfate-resistant cement is to be used. Used only fresh non-lumpy cement.

Concrete Sealer

It protects it from surface damage, corrosion and staining.

Cold Tank and Carbon Remover

Used for high speed removal of carbon, varnish, fuel, sludge and hard baked deposits formed under high temperatures on engines and motor parts, intake and exhaust valves, burner tips, fuel oil heaters, cylinders, armatures, carburators, pistons, etc. It is used to remove paints and burned insulating varnish of electrical windings and uncured dry rubber from metal surfaces.

Cement Remover Compound

Used to remove cement build-up from forms, trucks, mixers, tools, machineries, equipment, etc. It is also recommended for etching concrete prior to painting.

Bunker Fuel Oil Additive

Multi-functional energy-boosting fuel oil additive to disperse and dissolve sludge in fuel lines and tanks. It protects fuel tanks, pipes, burners, heat exchange surfaces against corrosion, sludge deposits, coke and soot.


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