Boiler Water Treatment

Single formulation of boiler treatment incorporating the use of complex polyphosphate, neutral organic colloidal dispersants, chelating agents, sludge conditioners and rust inhibitors. It is recommended for use in boilers and other types of heat exchangers to control sludge, scale and other residue.

Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener

Concentrated solution formulated to effectively remove soil, dirt, tarnish and other and other oxide deposits from aluminum surfaces. It does not dull the finish and does not leave brown stains. It is recommended for removing tarnish, carbonaceous deposits and other oxides from all types of aluminum surfaces.


Concentrated liquid compound formulated to effectively control algae, fungal and other bacteria-induced slimes in industrial re-circulatory water cooling systems. It increases the efficiency of the cooling system and leaves a protective coating on the treated surfaces.

Aircon Cleaner & Coil Renovator

Concentrated metal cleaner formulated for removing large dirt, grease, slime and scale deposits from light and heavy refrigeration and air-conditioning unit components such as condensers and evaporators. It is powerful external oil and re-conditioner for condensers and evaporators.

Open Gear Lubricant

Recommended primarily for open gears. It is appropriate to use for certain slow speed enclosed gears, chains and other applications where high viscosity adhesive products are required.

Safety Solvent Degreaser (Slow Dry)

It effectively removes all traces of grease and grime. It can be used for electric motors controls, tools, fuse holders, switches, transformers blowers, fans, hoists, office equipment and other electrical and motor parts.

Safety Solvent Degreaser (Fast Dry)

Used in aerospace, engineering, transport and manufacturing to degrease and clean - all metal parts, most plastic, non-live electrical components and boards.

Penetrating Oil

Efficient and multi-purpose lubricating oil that penetrates and frees frozen and rusted nuts, bolts and fittings. It is applied to all frozen bolts terminal, commutators, oxidized parts, motor blocks, studs, speedometer cables, brakes cables, rusted rims, lock gauge, etc. It also removes bromide deposits from carburetor jets.

Metal Protector

It lubricates moving parts, silencing squeaks without gumming up mechanisms. It protects it from corrosion and ideal for firearms & other fine componentry.

Crack Detector Kit

It locates and pinpoints cracks and flaws from any non-porous material. It is completely safe and is easily handled. It does not need special equipment or skill for its usage. Its complete kit consists of a cleaner, a penetrant and developer. It is very effective as portable control aid in the field.

Battery Terminal Protector

It a quick-drying formulation which protects battery and cable terminals from acid leakage and corrosion. It provides air light and water-proof protection. It is primarily intended for use as a protective coating for battery and cable terminals used in automotive equipment, generators, engines, motors, etc. It ensures efficient and steady contact between poles and terminals.

Anti-Seize Compound

Micronized metallic complex compounded with refined oil, extreme temperature and high pressure additives designed and formulated as a high temperature anti-seize lubricants and sealant for all threaded parts, It is recommended as anti-seize compound for metal-working, automotive marine, aircraft and other industries. It has a variety of application in equipment, engines, exhaust systems, machineries, boilers, etc.


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