Chain and Cable Fluid

It is a premium liquid lubricant designed for chains and cables. It has a strong penetration or squeeze-in capability to enable the lubricant to penetrate the close tolerances between pin and bushing and wire rope strands, however, its squeeze out property is minimal even when subjected to tension and pressure making it an ideal lubricant for chains and cables. It is also recommended as an internal lubricant for wire ropes to lubricate its core and spaces between strands. It reduces chain chatter and stick slip of chain drives. It is also recommended to use on slides and pin & bushing.

HD Contact Cleaner

It is a fast-drying, power-laden solvent degreaser that quickly removes contaminations, light oil, dirt and dust from electrical and electronic equipment, release, contacts and components yielding a complete grime and residue-free surface. It effectively cleans and degreases electronic and electrical equipment, volume and tone controls, electrical switches and releases, motorized instruments, computer micro-circuits, control panels, automotive ignition systems, typewriter keys, business machines, teletype and telephone equipment.

Engine Degreaser

Highly efficient de-grimming and degreasing chemical for use in cleaning motor engine’s surfaces, radiators, distributor caps and wires, spark plug wires, rubber hoses attached to the engine and radiator, hydraulic hoses of the brake systems, and all other attachments and components found in the engine compartment. It may also be used as a degreaser-degrimminer for the under chassis of the vehicle and for cleaning of hub and bearing before repacking with new grease.

Electrical Contact Cleaner

It removes away oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment with pinpoint precision.

Silicone Mold Release

It is a chemical formulation used as a greaseless lubricant which forms a slippery, transparent film on plastics, rubber, wood and metals. It is primarily used as a mold release agent. It can be used on a wide-variety of materials and prevents stickiness.

Clear/Red Insulating Varnish

General purpose air-drying and bake-type varnish. It is used to insulate electric motors, transformer windings, armature and field coils, thermostats, water cooler and generators to avoid electrical deficiency. It is ideal for use as end coil finishing enamel or frame enamel on fast re-insulating jobs.

Moisture Displacer

It is a de-moisturizing and cleaning compound that prevents failure of electrical and electronic equipment. It also protects, lubricates, clean, displaces and seals out water and severe moisture. It is used wherever the effect of moisture are detrimental and in any field where condensation and moisture is a problem. It is also used extensively in industrial electric and electronic equipment, such as uncovered steel, precision parts, wiring circuits, motors, batteries, controllers, refrigeration equipment, transformers and ignition systems to avoid corrosion.

General Purpose Lubricant

It is designed to lubricate almost types of moving parts of industrial and automotive machineries. It can also be applied to pin and bushing, gears, rotators, commutators, motor blocks, studs, cables, lock gauges and all other machine parts subjected to contact with metal and non-moving parts

Belt Conditioner

Non-gumming type of belt dressing that greatly improves the pulling power of all types of belt by reconditioning the belt fibers to improve hold. It also produces immediate results which are not lost to aging, oxidizing, hardening or drying out. Occasional re-application is needed to retain its non-slip surface.

Anti-Rust Coating

Recommended to protect bare metals and plated surfaces from rust and corrosion. It is also applicable for use in machineries, equipment, tools, jigs, instruments, marine fixtures, electrical assemblies, machine parts and other countless applications.

Electric Motor Cleaner

It removes deposits that are normally found in electric motor windings. It also dissolves oil and grease and removes dust and grime from electrical and mechanical components.

Viscosity Index Improver


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