This fuel is derived from the pyrolysis process of rubber tires. Mainly used as less expensive alternative to Bunker Fuel Oil and Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO). Used in industrial plants using boilers and furnaces.

This fuel oil is similar to Bunker Fuel Oil. It’s various grades are differentiated on the fuel’s density and viscosity. This is used mainly for marine vessels.

This is fuel used by diesel engines which employs the compression engine vs the spark engine being used gasoline-fed vehicles. This fuel is mainly used by trucks, buses and marine vessels such as tug boats and smaller vessels which do not use BFO or SFO.

Blended fuels of diesel and bunker fuel oils intended for use in domestic marine vessels.  Its common grades are SFO 1500, 1100, 600 and 200. Grades are based on the proportion of the diesel and bunker fuel oil used in the mixture.

Also known as Residual Fuel Oil (RFO), Bunker Oil, Bunker, Fuel Oil, Bunker C, and Fuel Oil No. 6. This is Fuel that is used in a boiler or furnace. Primarily used in Marine Vessels and Industrial plants equipped with a boiler.