Specifically designed for lubrication of high-speed grease lubricated flexible couplings where high centrifugal forces are present.

Multi-purpose, high temperature calcium-base grease with bentonite. It is highly recommended where extreme high temperature grease is required, such as kiln car bearings, oven conveyors, asphalt plants, soot blowers, and other similar applications.

Multi-purpose food grade grease specifically USDA authorized and rated H1 for food and beverages processing equipment. It is white in color, water resistant, resist high temperatures, clings to metal, rust and corrosion inhibited, and thermally stable.

Provide predictable viscosity and reliable film strength to reduce wear between moving parts.  Adds additional protection in the form of a long lasting solid lubricant.

It has been found useful on high insulators to prevent flashover. It provides a water resistant coating and has shown the ability to engulf particulate contamination to provide long flashover free insulator life.

A multi-functional, extreme pressure (EP), high temperature lithium-base grease that contains molybdenum disulfide (MoS₂).

It reduces the rubbing friction of the wires in the rope as they move relative to each other. It also protect them against corrosion. 

A high performance, mild extreme pressure (EP), industrial gear lubricant formulated with a sulfur-phosphorus, lead-free additive system. It is black, adhesive, residual oil based lubricants recommended especially in the sugar industry where low cost, heavy lubricating oil is required.