Wood Fire Retardant

Reduces surface burning characteristics, such as flame spread, rate of fuel contribution and smoke contribution.

Weed Killer

Water soluble non-selective weed killer applied as a folior spray. It provides total control of perennial and annual weeds. The compound is absorbed by the leaf and into the roots. A single application of this product is sufficient for total control. Expect for the weeds, it is deactivated upon contact with soil. It will not therefore control weeds that grow after application.

Wax Stripper

It is a wax remover and floor cleaner. It also helps eliminate difficult scrapping by deep penetration of wax on the floor surfaces.

Toilet Bowl &Tiles Cleaner

It is effective cleaner for ceramic tiles and bowls. It contains germicides that kill a wide range of diseases and odor-producing bacteria. It completely cleans, disinfects and deodorizes toilet bowl even up under the rim and below the water line. It is also effective in removing filth, slime, rust and any discoloration from toilet bowls and leaves a fresh, clean odor.

Termite Proofer

It is a blend of various organic and inorganic compounds for effective flame retarding of wood lumber, plywood, corrugated paper, bamboo and etc. It increases the ignition point of combustible materials and protects wood against attacking termites, bacteria, fungus, and mold, etc. These insects are most abundant in moist, warm soil where there is plenty of food supply in the form of wood. It also may be painted and varnished satisfactorily after it has been seasoned in order to remove the water added during the treatment.

Superior Surface Sealant

It strengthens the composite surface after finishing.

Oven Cleaner

It helps in cleaning ovens.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

It cleans and disinfects almost all surfaces.

Liquid Laundry Detergent

It cleans and disinfects at the same time all washable fabrics such as clothes, beddings, curtains and draperies effectively, however, it is gentle to the hands. Its optical brighteners enhances the whiteness of color of the fabrics. Its germicides and lemon-scent leaves a germ-free and fresh-smelling fabric. Maybe used for hand washing or laundry machine.

Liquid Hand Soap

It is formulated for fast economical cleaning of soiled, oily, dirty and greasy hands. Its fast-acting detergent is very effective but does not harm even the most delicate hands. It is often used for cleaning hands in the washrooms and toilets of hotels, hospitals, restaurant and other institutional establishments. IT can also be used in homes and laboratories.

Liquid Disinfectant Sanitizer

It is a concentrated clear liquid multi-purpose disinfectant and sanitizer. It is a combination of cationic surfactants that are highly potent as germicides and deodorants. The inclusion of “wetting and penetrating agent” aids in thorough spreading of the solution. The presence of a chelating agent makes it effective even in water containing 550 ppm hardness.

Liquid Drain Opener & Declogger

This is institutional sanitizing and cleaning product is a highly concentrated acidic compound especially formulated for opening and cleaning clogged drains and pipes. It contains corrosion inhibitors to safeguard metal surfaces it gets in contact with. It dissolves and liquefies cloth, grease fabric napkins, papers, peels and other It cleans and disinfects at the same time all washable fabrics such as clothes, borganic matters. This actions results and maintains free-flowing drains and pipes.


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